Dr. Janet Starr Hull PhD, CN presents...
Dr. John Richardson's
Alternative Cancer Prevention Diet
Hi. I am Dr. Janet Starr Hull and I am pleased to introduce the late Dr. John Richardson, MD and his pioneering work in the alternative cancer industry from the 1960s.

I revived Dr. Richardson's cancer prevention program and have compiled his case histories, philosophies, and his unique approach to cancer prevention, along with "old-fashioned" dietary principles that may save your health or help the life of someone you love.

I have combined his pioneering work into an easy to read digital eBook and over ten easy to follow videos narrated by me.
What You Will Learn From This Program...
  • About Dr. Richardson, MD and his pioneering work in alternative cancer
  • Which natural foods and vitamins help your body fight cancer
  • Nutritional recommendations to maintain a healthy life
  • Case histories of people who have "cured" their cancer
What The Richardson Cancer Diet is NOT About!
  • A claim to "cure" cancer
  • A replacement for your current doctor or cancer treatment
  • A one-shot solution to rid your body of illness and disease
This program is an excellent resource to inform you of the natural foods and supplements that can assist your body in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and in reducing the stress, fear, and anxiety of cancer.
This Alternative Cancer Diet Provides:
  • Nutritional recommendations you can share with your doctor, family and friends
  • A healthy, natural way of eating for all ages
  • Information about the proper supplements needed to prevent cancer and aid in cancer recovery
Often times today, the foods we eat are filled with toxic elements that can create "negative" health symptoms and cancer. When you become aware of the benefits of natural foods, you can change your diet to experience wellness.

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet is a safe aid to any cancer treatment you are currently receiving. If you don't have cancer, or if you have had cancer in the past, the Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet is a perfect resource to help maintain a natural, healthy lifestyle while supporting your body's immune system.
How Does The Cancer Prevention Diet Work?
This program recommends specific vitamins and minerals from natural foods, plus digestive enzymes, to aide in the prevention of cancer and in cancer recovery.

Dr. Richardson never stopped believing that it is not the cancer that kills, but the breakdown of the body's own defense mechanism. If the body's pancreatic enzymes and vitamin and mineral levels are adequate, according to Dr. Richardson, the immune system can actually help keep cancerous cells in check.
Who Should Use The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet?
Anyone can use this program with or without cancer. This eating program offers sound nutritional advice for everyone of all ages. It is even safe for your pets.
What's Included?
I have made this program as easy as it gets. You get a PDF eBook and over ten videos covering Dr. Richardson's alternative cancer prevention diet:
  • PDF eBook Instant Download (over 100+ pages)
  • Over ten nutrition videos about Dr. Richardson's program (narrated by me)
  • Vitamin and natural, food recommendations for optimal health
  • Private membership access (with your computer, phone, or tablet)
No Questions Asked 100% Refund Policy
If you find that this program is not for you, then simply ask for a refund and we will credit your purchase 100%.
Get Instant Access Today!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - this is a one time payment of $19 for a downloadable eBook and access to a private video membership website with over ten videos of nutrition recommendations from Dr. Hull.
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